7 Top Tips To Make Thinning Hair Look Thicker And Fuller

A bad hair day is not a once in a while event for millions of women that are images thinning hairlosing their hair or with overall thin hair.  A bad hair day is every day, every time they look in the mirror. And the ever frustrating thing is there isn’t a simple solution to women’s hair loss. You would think after all the years that with hair loss having been such a huge problem for both men and women that a safe, affordable, permanent solution would have been discovered and developed.

There are many reasons for hair loss

thick hairThe fact that there are many reasons for hair loss has to be one of the reasons why finding the answer is always elusive.  Besides genetics there are numerous medical issues that can and do cause hair loss as well as childbirth, and anything else that causes hormonal imbalance.  We may not have found the ideal solution yet but there are some things that we can do to naturally help prevent and improve hair loss We can also do some things to help thin hair look fuller and thicker.

Hair loss can cause distress for most people suffering with it. Self-esteem and self-image are closely tied with the way we look and our hair plays a big part in how we look and feel about ourselves. For many it’s an expression of our personality.

MY 7 tips  that can help add body to your hair and make it look thicker and fuller.

Try a hair color   

If you haven’t already done so  try a hair color as this has  definitely helped me. You notice the difference once the roots come through your hair usually starts to flop and lay flatter to the head. Once you do the root touch up you notice more body immediately. Ideally you will get this work done by a professional as it’s important that you do not over process the color, if you can get away with it use a semi permanent color rather than a permanent one.  Permanent color is harsher and could cause damage to thin unhealthy hair. With already thinning hair the last thing you nee breakage.

 Products that add volume to hair.

There are a number of hair product companies that claim that their shampoo, conditioners, and other styling products add volume to hair, so if you haven’t tried this route yet what have you got to lose?

 Live dangerously and get a new hair cut and style.

This along with a new color can make a huge difference and give you an amazing boost. Unlike men it is rare that women will lose their hair line, they tend to thin out along the top center area of the head. If you have less hair in one area you can try to part your hair differently, bring it forward or back, whatever works the best to help disguise the problem area

Hair Laser devices

Hair laser’s are another option although you probably will not notice much of a difference for at least 2-3 months or more. You are able to purchase some of these devices for home use. They can stimulate growth by emitting a low energy laser light to fight hair loss. Results vary in individuals.

 Hair loss consealer using hair building fibers.

This is a product that looks very interesting, but I would consider it as more for occasional use than for every day. Two of the companies promoting these products are Caboki and Topic. This process can look very natural it’s a powder like substance that adheres to and build upon your existing hair making it look much thicker covering up any thin spots where the scalp shows through.  It’s important to know that this does not work on bald heads. You have to have some hair. There are a variety of colors to match your own hair. From feedback that I have seen there are many users that are over the moon with the results.  Some individuals have preferred the Caboki product for its truer colors compared to the Topic.  Also there was someone had mentioned that the Topic product had a tendency to get a bit clumpy in a situation when the scalp may sweat.

One of the main issues with this type of product is due to it being so affective the results can be very noticeable so one minute you have thin hair or noticeable hair loss and then you have a full head of hair. It just depends how you feel about this and how much maintenance you want if you choose to use it full time. I doubt leaving it on all the time would be a good idea as you want a healthy scalp and it needs to be cleansed and breathe for that to happen.

Last but not least

There are always wigs and hair pieces. This could mean if you choose, every day could be a good hair day for you.  Wigs are getting better all of the time as they get lighter and easier to wear.  There’s lots of variety and not only do they look great they can be fun and sassy too.

Even though finding ways to make your life easier with thicker fuller looking hair you still have to do what you can to maintain the hair you have and even improve it in a healthy natural way. CLICK HERE to help you do that!

Female Hair Loss Is Not The Only Hair Problem

Female hair loss is not the only problem women face with their hair. Just think about it, very few people are happy with the hair that they have. It’s either too fine, frizzy, thick, coarse, straight, has a mind of its own, you name it the issues with hair are numerous and it’s not just thinning or hair loss that causes women hair anxiety.

However, there is little doubt about it hair loss is the one hair complaint that causes the most stress and embarrassment for women.  Women with thinning hair are desperate for thicker fuller looking hair. You can change your hair color, get it straightened, or have a perm, although these are not permanent solutions they work for a while. There are also tools that you can use like a flat iron, heated rollers, or curling iron to temporarily help with some of the hair problems and may give the appearance of thicker hair.  But for finding more permanent solutions  you can get some very good information on natural hair loss remedies  at www.HairGrowthRemedy.com

I saw an interview recently where it was announced that there is a product in the works that could finally be the hair loss solution that we are all waiting for. They said it is very likely to be available to the public within the next 5 years. This is indeed good news for hair loss sufferers.  As you will have already discovered finding a treatment for thinning hair or noticeable hair loss that is safe, effective and affordable is a real challenge. There are things that can help even natural home remedies but when the problem is severe most are willing to try anything in the hope of hair regrowth without knowing the side effects.

Let’s be honest waiting 5 years for a solution for hair loss is still a daunting prospect so most of us are going to continue trying other alternatives. There are some options around that many have a level of success with. There are certain topical products, hair lasers, and other hair products. One thing that is important is to be sure that you have a healthy lifestyle. There are home remedies for hair growth that you may want to check out.

We already know that eating right is important for good health and that applies for your hair too. Hair is made of a type of protein called keratin so it’s important to have a diet with adequate protein such as fish, and dairy products that are low in fat; also you need Omega-3 fats. And don’t bog your hair down with too many hair products. Even if you don’t have as much hair as you would like to have it’s important to take care of what you do have to keep it looking as healthy as possible. Good scalp care is important too.

There are companies that make products specifically for your hair and even have a specific hair loss product line if you are looking for a hair loss product line you may want to check out Inhairit Natural Solutions as they have a wide variety available that you can order online.

Looking after your scalp and using quality products rather than toxic harsh products is a must.

If you have never considered wearing a wig to disguise what’s driving you crazy about your hair then maybe you should. Wearing a wig is a really good option for many hair issues and not just female hair loss. Recently I spent a month in Florida with my brother and sister-in-law. For both my sister-in-law and I hair was a topic of annoyance almost daily.  How to keep our hair looking presentable once we left the condo was a problem for us. I have thinner hair especially around the front bangs and crown areas, my sister-in-law has lots of hair it’s heavy and will not hold a blow dry or curl for more than a few minutes. They live close to the ocean so the time of year I was there it appeared that there seemed to be a constant breeze which made for a very comfortable temperature but it was disastrous on the hair.  It seemed the instant we went outside our hair was blowing around and a mess even though we used hair spray.

My sister-in-law asked how many of the other ladies were able to look so put together and we looked as if we had been dragged through a hedge backwards. I said WIGS! She was surprised at my answer but admitted that it made sense. She did come in excited one day telling me she knew how they did it she had seen an elderly lady getting out of her car outside the mall and taking a little plastic rain hat off her head and her hair was held neatly in place.

The wig theory was confirmed when we went to the famous Festival Flea Market and saw lots of women in the wig stores trying on and buying wigs and hair pieces.  We watched instant transformation time and time again as one lady after another covered their own hair with a trendy wig. The good news is that anyone can wear a wig or hair piece whether they want it to look naturally like a better version of their own hair style and color or if they want to explore something quite different to their usual look. They are fun fashionable and can certainly solve a lot of hair issues so don’t discount getting yourself a wig or two. They come in all colors, styles, in synthetic or real hair with a wide range of prices depending what type you buy

Let’s hope the perfect hair loss solution will be available soon but in the mean time don’t get too stressed about  it, try a wig or hair piece while you are also taking care of what you already have through as natural methods as possible so your hair and scalp will be in good condition.

How To Cope With Female Hair Loss

Some of the best ways to cope with female hair loss is to become educated in the reasons for your hair loss, the different types of hair loss in women, and what you can do to prevent and improve this condition.

There are varying degrees of hair thinning from mild to extreme. It is best to take action in controlling the situation as soon Hair Loss Tipsas you become aware that it is in fact a problem. Although losing some of your hair can become extremely frustrating and worrisome try not to become obsessed by this condition as stress can exacerbate the situation.

Although none of us like to lose our hair it is more expected and accepted in men than women, but the truth is that this is also a very common condition in women especially as they age. In fact research is suggesting that 75% of women over the age of 65 are suffering from some degree of hair loss.

Most people will experience a period in their life when they will be faced with thinning or sudden hair loss. We all go through growth and loss cycles when it comes to our hair. Our hair spends about three years in the growth phase, and then for about three months in the resting period. What happens is during the resting phase the hair will remain in the follicle until it’s pushed out by a new hair. Once this hair grows in it will most likely increase the density and your hair will look thicker again. The problem arises when something happens that causes more than normal amounts of hair to shed so not only do you lose the normal amount but additional hairs causing a noticeable difference.

Some of the things that can cause the hair to fall out are:

  • Sudden stress to the body – surgery or other illness
  • Certain medications
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Accident or stressful situations
  • Genetics
  • Thyroid

These things do not cause hair loss: too much shampooing, brushing or combing of your hair, wearing wigs or hats, using hair dyes or perms (overuse can cause hair breakage but not hair to fall out from the root).  Also cutting your or shaving your hair will not make it come back thicker. Trimming thin straggling ends may give the appearance of thicker hair but that is it.

Get checked out with your doctor to see if there are medical reasons for your hair loss. The great news is for many women with hair loss often times the hair loss is temporary and will return to normal all by itself.  As long as the hair follicles are still alive there is hope but there is no perfect answer to regrowing hair out there yet.

These are some of the options that you can consider when trying to cope with hair loss but keep in mind that not everyone will get the same results the key is finding what will work best for you.

Cosmetic methods: wigs and hair extensions, hair thickening products shampoos, conditioners, styling products and Xfusion keratin hair fibers that match your hair color, or you can wear hats. There are some very fashionable as well as classy wigs available that you can wear not only to cover up your hair loss but as fashion accessories just like many celebrities do and we don’t even know the difference from their real hair nor do we usually think about it being a wig most of the time unless it’s something a obvious.

Hair lasers: some people report that they have some success with hair lasers. You can go to a clinic for treatment or you can purchase your own hair laser device for home use. The later is more affordable and allows you to have the treatment more often and when it suits you.  Many use a combination of hair laser and topical products. The hair growth phase does not happen quickly so don’t expect to see immediate results you do need to be patient and keep up the treatments. Many report losing more hair before seeing any improvement. This is said to be because the new growth is pushing the old weak hair out so don’t be surprised if you lose more hair initially.

Topical products: New Women’s Minoxidil  a number of  women users report moderate hair regrowth and others minimal hair growth, This product is extra strength and is more expensive than some other topical treatments such as Rogaine for women plus there are a number of other products too.

Natural hair growth remedies for female hair loss: healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle can help a lot but there are a lot of natural products available in the form of supplements and aromatherapy oils etc that a lot of people with hair loss are turning to.  You can check out the hair growth remedy report for tons of tips and ideas.

Hair transplants are not known to be that great for women as often their hair loss pattern being different to men tends to be more widespread thinning where as men usually have the bald spot and receding hairline.

Although none of us like to lose our hair it is more expected and accepted in men but this is also a very common condition in women especially as they age. In fact research is suggesting that 75% of women over the age of 65 are suffering from some degree of hair loss.  Learning to accept things that we cannot change and making the best of our other attributes will take away a lot of pressure.


Female Hair Loss – Is There A Solution?

Healthy Hair

If you are a woman unfortunate enough to experience thinning hair you’ll probably be racking your brain wondering what you could have done to cause your hair to fall out. Or you may even be concerned that you have some serious illness that’s causing this hair loss. But more than anything you want to know if there is a solution,

Female hair loss is something that affects around 3 million women in the US alone so it’s one big problem.  Seeing your hair getting thinner day by day is devastating for most of these women. It’s bad enough for men to lose their hair but for women it’s even worse.

The truth is you don’t have to have done anything wrong and it’s highly unlikely that you are very ill either.  Hair loss in females can happen for a number of reasons and it can be a temporary situation or long term.  Whatever the reasons are women want to find a solution to their hair loss. There are those that have found solutions that have worked for them, some find it in natural remedies for hair loss with products that you can find in your local grocery store, while others have noticed positive results by using hair loss lasers and then there are those that swear by products like Rogaine for women. If you decide to try the products like Rogaine it’s important to be sure that they are in fact safe for women. Some of these hair products are suitable for men only.

Some of the causes of hair loss in women are the imbalance of hormones which can be particularly out of balance during and after

Natural Home Remedies for Hair Loss

pregnancy and can also be a real problem for menopausal women. Often these imbalances will be a temporary situation with hair could get back to normal once things are back in balance. In the meantime rather than take any chances you may want to help the situation along by using natural home remedies.

It is always a good idea to check with your doctor to see if they can find a legitimate reason for your excessive hair loss. They may send you for blood tests to rule out certain conditions like thyroid issues.  If you started taking medications before you noticed that you are losing more hair than normal this could well be the reason as many medications can cause female hair loss. If you have recently had surgery, suffered some type of trauma or have a lot stress in your life these could also be contributing factors for your thinning hair.

You’ll probably start to notice that you pay much more attention to the hair commercials on television and in magazines with women with thick gorgeous hair, and how you envy them.   It’s so easy to stress yourself out even more when you are worrying about your hair falling out.  The main thing is that you do not ignore the fact that you are finding a lot of extra hairs on your pillow or in your hair brush. Even though we lose some hairs every day as a matter of normal shedding (about 40-150 hairs a day) excessive hair loss isn’t normal so the sooner you acknowledge the fact that you have a problem with female hair loss and find a solution that will help you the better.

Maybe a good place to start is with a natural home hair growth remedy and start making some changes  before the situation worsens.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Thinning hair for men or women at any age is a real problem and can be a confidence stealer.  If hair loss is a problem for you finding answers to why it’s happening and what you can do to stop and even reverse it is probably high on your priority list.  You may think that you would do just about anything to stop hair loss but you don’t want to risk your health so by far the best option to pursue is to use home remedies for hair growth.

There are lots of promises of a miracle hair loss cure but you have to be careful what you put into your body and on your skin. Some methods

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

can cost a lot of money and may not do what it claims; it may also have long term side effects so before you do more harm than good look at all your options. Do consider some simple things that you can engage in for hair growth at home. If possible the best way to deal with any health related issue is to find natural options such as home remedies for hair growth.

If you are a woman you need to know that hormone imbalance plays a huge role in hair loss so getting your hormones in balance could be the answer to your thinning hair problem.  Medication prescribed or over the counter can play a big part in your hair loss issues too.  Always check the fine print on any medications because some can actually cause hair loss especially related to hormones. Always try to avoid these types of medications if you can. When it comes to your hair loss go for natural home remedies for hair growth.

There are lots of myths related to hair loss which can be really confusing, however you will find a lot of great tips in home remedies for hair growth. You may have heard that cutting your hair will make it grow thicker.  I heard that statement many times when I was young but it isn’t true, the thing that people may be confused with is when you cut off the straggling split ends it can give the illusion that your hair is thicker and it can sometimes look healthier with a bit of a trim but it doesn’t make your hair grow thicker.  Even though the over treatment of hair with heat and chemicals can cause breakage and split ends it doesn’t cause hair to fall out so is not the reason for your hair loss.  Finding the underlying cause for your hair loss would be a good place to start and using the advice in home remedies for hair growth will get you on the right track.

Some people truly believe that there is no remedy for thinning hair but this is a myth too.  Whether it’s your hair, skin, nails, bones or whatever; your body needs certain nutrients and when it doesn’t get what it needs you start to see the signs.  It’s like a plant that needs water it begins to shrivel up and wilt, so it’s important to take care of yourself.  Once you provide your body with what it needs it’s possible that you may be able to reverse the problem.  Often the old remedies are the best so check out home remedies for hair growth and the sooner you start making the changes the better.

The Hair Loss Black Book Review

Hair loss tips

While searching for something of value to add to my female hair loss tips site I came across the hair loss
black book. It especially caught my interest because it talked about natural formulas and remedies that you can easily do at home to stop, prevent and even reverse hair loss.

I received my copy and reviewed the contents of the hair loss black book with great interest. I found it packed with excellent information about diet, natural scalp treatments and hair products. Besides this it covers a lot of information of why we lose hair and a number of tips on ways to stop and even reverse hair loss.

Hair loss in both males and females has been a problem to be solved forever. Scientists are continuing to study and

stop hair loss

learn more about the issue of hair loss which is bringing them closer to resolving this problem.

It’s already been mentioned previously that hormone imbalance is what causes hair loss, in particular elevated levels of DHT the testosterone hormone. Inside the hair loss black book you will find a lot of information about the effects of hormones and hair loss.

There are a number of myths that you need to forget so you can start taking control over situations in your life that contribute to hair loss. The hair loss black book will put you on the right track to making changes towards taking care of yourself which can not only lead to a healthier you be also to stopping and preventing hair loss naturally.

Most people don’t notice their hair loss problem immediately; it usually takes a while before it becomes really noticeable. You may notice some falling hairs in the shower or on your pillow but then we all lose hairs every day. The excessive hair loss is really brought to your attention when you notice a distinct thinning in one area such as a patch on your crown or around your hairline. In the hair loss black book you will learn what you can do for spot treatments using the home remedies with natural products such as tea tree oil; lemon and mint extract to stimulate the growth where it’s needed most of all.

We are a society of quick fixes and instant gratification. Unless you are happy to wear a wig or get a hair transplant you do need patience to get results. Whatever treatments or methods you use to stop hair loss and improve your hair, don’t quit doing what’s recommended.  Give it a chance to work so that you can experience the benefits. In the hair loss black book you will learn a lot about why you lose your hair and how to prevent and stop hair loss.

Female hair loss was not talked about much. However, it is a huge problem as there are so many things that can cause hormone imbalance in women such as pregnancy, and menopause. Restoring the body’s hormone balance is the key to remedying hair loss.

Another big culprit of hair loss is the side effects of medications as they too can encourage hormonal imbalance. Do make it your business to find out the side effects of medications that you are prescribed. Ask the pharmacist questions and read up on the product. It’s always recommended to read the fine print on bottles and packaging, and they not joking when they say fine print it’s so fine most of the time that most of us can’t possibly read it without a magnifying glass.  This often discourages people from bothering to read the content and possible side effects.

If you are looking for some great advice and ways of naturally preventing and stopping hair loss check out the hair loss black book.
Hair Loss Black Book

The HairMax LaserComb – Does it really work?

Once you start noticing hair loss that is the best time to take action to reverse the problem. The HairMax LaserComb is a laser device that is suitable for both men and women for improving the appearance of lifeless and thinning hair. The question most people have when looking for a remedy for their hair loss is does it really work?

Individual results from using the HairMax LaserComb will vary, however, many users report noticing thicker and shinier hair within 8-16 weeks. With continued use you could see denser, stronger, fuller hair. If you discontinue treatment after experiencing good results you could see your hair regress to its original condition.

In order to experience noticeable results it’s recommended to use your HairMax LaserComb for a minimum of 10-15 minutes 3 times a week. Remember that consistency is key.

Living cells thrive on light so laser therapy stimulates the cells in your scalp encouraging healthier thicker hair.

Using the HairMax LaserComb

Once you have pressed the power button and laser button located at the front of the unit you place the laser comb flat onto

HairMax Premium

your head focusing on one very small area at a time.  Glide the laser comb over one small area at a time for the recommended time. The device does have a timer. You move the laser comb from the front of your hairline to the back and then reverse the process from back hairline to the front. This is an easy process that you can do at home, in the office or wherever.

Laser photo therapy has now become available to those that want the benefits of this low level laser therapy at a fraction of the cost that you would have to pay at one of the expensive, exclusive hair clinics.

The HairMax LaserComb conforms with the requirements of the USA laser product safety standards. It is safe as there is no heat emitted from laser photo therapy. It offers gentle light therapy for your hair.  You can use theHairMax Laser by itself or in conjunction with other treatments.

While some suffering with hair loss will turn to more harsh products in search for the way to stop hair loss remember that there are natural remedies for hair loss often these are items that you will find in your own kitchen which can be used alone or with a hair laser device.

Check out the new 2011 HairMax Premium Laser Comb before deciding which is for you. This model is cordless and rechargeable. It’s ergonomically redesigned for convenient use however at this point in time it is more expensive. You decide!

What users are saying:

There are numerous user reviews on this laser comb as it’s been available for a number of years since this device came to the markets place. Hopefully this condensed overview of some of the most used comments will help you to decide if the HairMax LaserComb is for you. Always remember results will vary.

The comments that come up over and over again is that you have to be consistent with doing the treatment. Most recommend 15 minutes 3 times a week; some say every other day is best. The first things that users have noticed is the improved condition of their hair, often this will become evident within 6-8 weeks for others it takes longer. With continued use many have noticed a marked improvement in the thickness and strength of their hair. A number report the hairline around their face filling in and a definite thickening of their hair. Some have said they can feel the new short hairs on their scalp that gradually grow and get thicker filling in some of the more sparse areas.

Keep in mind that a number of users also report more hair loss during the first weeks, this is the shedding period.  They also say they have religiously continued on with the treatments to experience excellent results by having new stronger hair replace the hair that was shed.

Many users are thrilled by their results and vow to continue to use their HairMax LaserComb and some have already been users for a number of years keeping the treatments up due to the success they have already achieved.

Some users have combined other products along with their HairMax LaserComb some have used products such as Rogaine and Minoxidil.  Others have opted for more natural hair remedies and  products due to the possible risks some products carry. It’s important to note that your diet affects every part of you including your hair so learn what you can do to improve your hair with the proper diet and natural remedies too!

Users of the HairMax LaserComb are male and female therefore the reviews are from both men and women. It was considered that hair loss was more of a man’s problem but now there is more awareness that hair loss and thinning hair is also a huge issue for females too.

Not everyone is convinced that the hair lasers work and it’s true that not everything works the same on everyone but as some HairMax LaserComb users have commented in the user reviews; some of the negative reviewers are those that have not used the products as directed or returned the product before they have given a fair chance for the hair laser comb to work.

Some users have admitted that laser hair loss treatment is a big commitment and time consuming, so you have to decide if you are willing to commit to the treatment. However, most of those that have been committed say the results make it well worth the effort.

This feedback is from one of the earlier female users of the HairMax LaserComb. She had real concerns because her mother suffered with very thin hair all over the head that showed her scalp. She, herself had thinning hair at the front hairline area also reaching to about half way back on her head. She was desperate as she could see her hair going to end like her mothers. This woman was willing to try anything so she purchased the HairMax LaserComb before it had even been tested for women, also at that time the product was a lot more expensive. This user says that she’s very disciplined and used the laser comb between 3-5 times a week just on the areas of concern; which took only a few minutes for a treatment. After 3 months she reported that it was working, she was finding new hairs come through in the treated areas.  This user was pleasantly encouraged and continues to use the Hairmax LaserComb.

To wrap up this review most users say that they see best results after 6 months of use. That hair loss is greatly reduced, that the condition of the hair vastly improves and that the hair is stronger and thicker.  Also you must be patient and use the product as recommended.

See What NBC has to say about laser hair therapy and other alternatives right here!

X5 Hair Laser For Hair Loss

Review the Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser for hair loss.

The Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser like any hair laser device will not give you the results that you want overnight. It will take some time before you’ll notice the results from treatments with a hair laser therapy device. Hair loss is caused by a number of reasons and depending upon the reasons why you are losing your hair and to what degree so will the results vary. There is no magic project that will grow your hair back overnight.

Some of those that were experiencing hair loss and received favorable results from treatments have used a combination of a hair laser such as the X5 hair laser along with vitamins and or other products such as minoxidil. In the product description for the Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser it suggests that you may consider also using other hair growth products such as minoxidil.

X5 Hair Laser


As far as the treatments it is recommended that you do three treatments a week for 10-15 minutes to improve the condition of fine or thinning hair.  The X5 hair laser is recommended for both men and women. This convenient little device offers you the most advanced hair laser therapy in the comfort of your own home.

What users are saying about the Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser:

A number of user reviews say that they have actually used vitamins and products such as minoxidil along with their Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser and obtained successful results. Most of the users have expressed that this hair laser product not only offers more coverage than most other home hair lasers, it is also more affordable. Some of the main features that users do comment on is the fact that the X5 hair laser covers a larger area on the scalp also that it’s cordless, rechargeable, comfortable, powerful, has a timer and is the most complete easy to use unit.

Most of the users recommend using the Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser religiously three times a week for 15 – 20 minutes.  A number of users say they are extremely pleased at the results that they are getting from using this device. A number of users also mention that if you are completely bald that this is not going to grow all your hair back and that applies in general not only to this product. In other words the general feedback is that the X5 hair laser reduces hair shedding, increases hair density and makes the hair that you do have thicker.

A common thread in the user comments is that usually it takes 2 to 4 months to really notice results. As mentioned earlier these results will vary. Some user’s say that they have noticed results after only a few weeks of using the X5 hair laser, some could feel new little hairs every time that they massage their scalp. In another review the user said that the hair at their temple had grown in.

Most have commented that the Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser is extremely easy to use. You can be doing your treatment at home while sitting in front of the TV. There is no need to miss a treatment as you can take the device to the office or slip it in your bag if you are going out of town. It is really important to realize that patience is a must.   You need to give the X5 hair laser time to work. Some people are impatient and do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendation then judge the performance of a product without giving it a fair try. However, from the feedback I have seen on the Spencer Forest X5 hair laser it seems very favorable and most are happy with the results as well as the price tag compared with similar hair laser products.

Also keep in mind that if you choose to combine another treatment with the X5 hair laser there are also natural products that you can use, an option that many users would prefer.

Proper diet, supplements and natural remedies can be very helpful in improving your hair loss and the re-growth of healthy hair. You can find out what you need to know from the Hair Loss Black Book book.  I have recently read this book and found it packed with really useful information. Just click on the cover of the book.
Hair Loss Black Book

Laser Therapy To Prevent Hair Loss

Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser

Laser therapy to prevent hair loss in women and men is becoming more and more popular as it becomes more available and affordable. There was a time the only way that you could get laser therapy for your hair loss was by going to an exclusive hair clinic.  This is quite costly and not an option for most people. Those that suffer from thin lifeless hair and hair loss in general are always on the lookout for ways to retain the hair that they have and hopefully restore and thicken their crowning glory once more.

Laser photo therapy has been used in salons in Asia and Europe for many years. This is low level laser therapy and considered to be highly effective without any side effects. The hair laser devices are used with success by men and women of all ages. There is also the added benefit of being able to keep up your laser therapy by using your hair laser device at your convenience in the comfort of your own home.  You can also take it with you wherever you go so that you don’t have to miss out on a treatment. Most users get results by using their hair laser 3 times a week for about 15-20 minutes. You can read more about the Spencer Forrest X5 hair laser here

Laser light stimulates the cells in the scalp and encourages growth, overtime the nourishing light therapy improves the appearance of your hair. Living cells really do thrive in light and your hair is no different. These lasers are not to be mistaken with the high powered lasers used for surgeries and in science projects. These hair laser devices are gentle and safe for laser therapy home use.

While doing some research on specific laser therapy  to prevent hair loss a couple of the more  affordable laser devices that appear to be popular are the Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser and the Hair Max Laser Comb both of these products can be used at home and are simple to use.

Some people think their hair laser therapy device is the best thing ever while others are not at all impressed. Some users say they have great success using the laser for stopping their hair loss and seeing some re-growth leading to thicker and better conditioned hair, while others say they see no difference at all. Some users of the hair laser also combine the laser treatment with products such asNioxin, Rogaine, or Minoxidil.  Some products on the market are not suitable for women so make sure that you check first.  Nioxin has a supplement and a hair product line which seems to be quite popular.

Natural hair loss remedies that you can do at home without having to invest in any device is also an option for a lot of  people with thinning hair or these natural remedies can be used in conjunction with a hair laser.  Female hair loss as well as male hair loss is such a big issue these days and so many people like to use natural remedies that they can often find in their own kitchen.

Hair Max Laser Comb

The one thing that you do need that many people have not used is patience. You have to follow the recommendations for your hair laser therapy and allow the time required for the hair laser to do its job before being quick to judge the products. Results are  not something that you will notice instantly, actually don’t be surprised if you notice more hair shedding than usual at the start; many people lose more hair before they see improvement. Hair is shedding all of the time plus the hair goes through growth stages that can takes months. You can read more on the Hair Max Laser Comb here

Patience and a positive attitude could be a big plus when doing your hair laser therapy. It’s like an exercise program. If you are out of shape you can’t exercise once and expect to see great results, you have to be committed and be in it for the long term. If you have piece of exercise equipment sitting in the corner that you never use it’s not going to help you get in shape – you have to use it and give it time. Most things will work if you put in the effort and are committed and consistent with your actions. The hair laser therapy products are no exception whether it’s the Hair Max Laser Comb, theSpencer Forrest X5 Laser or any other laser hair therapy product.

Now are you ready to check out laser therapy products to prevent your hair loss?

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Female Hair Loss Tips to Remember

Female Hair Loss Tips

Women fear hair loss probably just as much as men do. It is devastating for women to experience it too. There are many reasons why women experience hair loss. It can be improper nutrition, hormonal changes, anxiety and stress, age, or simply their genes. Whatever the cause is, it’s not hopeless and there are many ways to improve the condition.

In order to treat it, most people seek the best remedies and spend a fortune to get it. Thinning hair can actually be treated using natural hair loss remedies that are not costly. By keeping these female hair loss tips in mind, the worst hair day can actually come to an end or prevent it before it manifests.

First thing to remember is to eat healthy. It goes without saying that eating the right stuff will not only help your body but also your hair. Eating the right kind of nutrients in the right amounts will greatly help in preventing hair thinning; in fact, it can keep your hair growing and healthy.

Take care of your scalp. There are inexpensive and natural scalp oils that you can buy in the grocery stores or online. Use this to massage your scalp and give it the pampering it needs. Why do you need to massage your scalp? Massaging the scalp oil aids in the circulation of blood in the scalp plus the oil helps remove dead skin that gets in the way of hair growth. You can even massage your scalp every time you wash your hair. Just buy the shampoos that are scalp friendly to help your hair remain healthy.

Try to avoid using harsh salon treatments. Perms, hair color, straightening or highlighting will subject your hair to harmful chemicals that may worsen female hair loss. Avoid excessively ironing or blow-drying your hair is you can then use natural methods instead to style your hair. If you can also avoid tying your hair too tightly then do it. Keep your hair free as much as you can so it can maintain its healthy state.

Always go for the natural hair products or remedies. Use shampoos and conditioners that are made from natural products, promotes hair growth and thickness and that care for your scalp. There are products available that contain more proteins and amino acids that make hair thicker. If you are already getting treatment then opt for the natural remedy for female hair loss. There prescription drugs available but there are also herbs and home remedies. Some people even opt for acupuncture to treat hair loss just to keep their methods natural.

If female hair loss is inevitable, then there are a wide variety of simple steps and remedies that is available. Just keep in mind to keep your methods as natural as possible to avoid side effects that unnatural chemicals might cause. Our hair is the extension of our face and is our crowning glory; therefore, it deserves the utmost care and most natural products to keep it growing healthy. If you would like to find home remedies for female hair loss tips click here

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